Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Why You Need Sunscreen Everyday

After the craziness of the last year, a few of my clients have been saying: "Well, I don't go outside that much and now I'm working from home so I don't really need sunscreen."

But you do. 

The thinking here is that obviously, you won't get a sunburn working inside all day so what's the point. But your sunscreen is more than that. True, you will not get a sunburn indoors, but UVA light penetrates glass. It also penetrates cloud cover and is just as potent on cloudy days as sunny days. UVA penetrates deeper into the skin and is the culprit behind a wide array of premature skin aging. (Check out my last post on UVA/UVB here.)

Your broad-spectrum sunscreen protects you from this free-radical damage. Yep, even inside. So keep up the routine and your skin will thank you (and you'll look radiant in those never-ending zoom calls).