Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Did Your Vitamin C Serum Change Color?

If your Vitamin C product has changed color, throw it away. Seriously, throw it away. 

Vitamin C in its various forms is one the trickiest in terms of keeping it stable and effective in a skincare formulation. Once it's changed color or oxidized its chemical composition has changed and it's no longer effective as an antioxidant. At best, it does nothing. At worst, it can actually work as an irritant, and even cause blackheads.

Shamefully, some companies still refer to this color change as normal, but it's not. Look for a dark or frosted bottle, and a pump or airless pump in terms of packaging. (Skip jars and droppers for this tricky ingredient.)

If you're looking for a great Vitamin C serum, Triple C&E has been one of my best-sellers for years! Creamy white, stable and effective down to the last drop.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

SPF In Your Makeup - It's Not Enough.

Ok, this is gonna be real quick. I still hear clients saying "it's in my makeup" when asked if they wear sunscreen daily so I'll say this once more for those in the back.

SPF in your makeup is great. It's an extra bonus layer of protection, and I'm all for it.
But it's not enough.
Why? The amount you apply. No one is wearing 2 finger-lengths or about a teaspoon of foundation on their face, and most certainly not all over their neck and ears as well. (That would be...gross.)

Find a sunscreen you love, and wear it every day. The options are endless these days, there is something for everyone. I'm always here if you need help finding the right formula for your skin.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Are You Diluting Your Products?

You've spent some hard-earned money on your skincare routine. Let's make sure you're not slowing down or impeding your progress with improper application.

When applying your skincare products, order and timing are important to get the most out of the action ingredients. I'm referring to those products that pack a punch, not your cleansers or basic moisturizers. This could be an antioxidant, retinol, resurfacer, or peptide serum depending on the time of day. Think of the things that pack a punch.

After you cleanse your skin, apply your serum(s) first. You want the action ingredients closest to the skin. Allow the product to absorb for a few minutes before application of moisturizer and/or sunscreen. Application of one product over another too soon will only "water down" or dilute the formulation, making it less effective. An example I often use for timing with my clients is this – in the evening after cleansing I apply my nighttime retinol serum, then brush my teeth, giving the serum time to absorb, and then go back and apply my eye cream and moisturizer.

The only exception to this is for some prescription Vitamin A users. I have often heard doctors suggest diluting the Rx with a bit of moisturizer for those having difficulty adapting to the full-strength Rx. As always, follow your doctor's advice with all your prescription topicals.

Get your money's worth and get the most out of those carefully chosen ingredients!