Wednesday, August 23, 2017

5 Reasons To Wash Your Face (Seriously)

I know what you're thinking. Why the heck am I writing a post about reasons to wash your face? If you missed it, I posted a week or so back on social media about the Cereve study in which they found 60% of men and 48% of women admitted to often not washing their face before bed.  Needless to say, I was a bit shocked. If you're in that group here are 5 reasons to wash your face.
  1. Pollution, dirt, makeup, and sweat
    This is an easy one. Your face gets dirty and sweaty throughout the day. Particulates in the air stick to your makeup and sunscreen. Leaving this on your face invites inflammation (aging) and potential breakouts.
  2. Keep bacteria and oil-production in check
    This is a continuation of number one. If you suffer from breakouts, acne, skin sensitivity, or rosacea, it's important to cleanse away excess oil and keep bacteria in check that can contribute to acne and rosacea flares.
  3. Allow performance ingredients to work while you rest
    Now that you've cleansed the day off of your skin, you can apply skin condition specific products that won't be broken down by UV light or free-radical damage. Use The Pillowcase, and you won't lose them into your pillow case either.
  4. Ritual is a good thing
    Adequate rest is good for your whole body, skin included. A nightly before-bed routine can help signal the body it's time to relax and repair. An evening ritual is an especially helpful way to trigger a relaxation response and prepare both body and mind for bed.
  5. Demodex mites 
    Still not convinced? Maybe these little buggers will help. Two forms of the Demodex mite (folliculorum and brevis) live on humans. While their presence is totally normal, overpopulation can cause various problems. Some theories hold them responsible for rosacea flares, and they can cause infections in eyelids. Did I mention they eat oil and love mascara?😳

Another interesting finding in the survey was that 65% of people don't know what to look for in a face wash. I answered that question in a Cleansing Q&A post I did awhile back. You can find it here.

If you're finding yourself exhausted at the end of the day and often falling asleep without cleansing try this tip I've been suggesting for years: Wash your face when you get home for the day. Nobody said it had to happen after 10 pm. A face that's cleansed and treated with skin appropriate products at 6 pm is in much better shape than the one that skipped it for the day.

There you go. Now go wash your face.