Monday, July 24, 2023

July News!

 I hope you are enjoying your summer! I'm feeling very grateful to be in one of the only places in the country not to be in triple digits right now! It's been so lovely here the last couple of days. I had a jam-packed, great time at IECSC a couple of weeks ago. I took a bunch of great classes, reconnected with some colleagues, and made some great new connections! In all fairness, this is a bit of a "teaser" email, as I am in the throes of researching and testing products, and working through an exciting advanced training (whew!). All of this to say, A LOT of changes are coming in terms of my product offerings. You just may be asked to test something out for me at your next treatment! Of course, bringing in the new means letting go of the old. I will keep you updated on the changes as they happen!

With affection & sunscreen,

Final Call!

  • You'll find the remaining stock for items I will no longer be carrying under Current Specials (Under the "Specials" tab in my shop). Once they're gone, they're gone, so don't wait! Please reach out to me for replacement options.
  • A note about "The Pillowcase": I am hopeful that this will be returning. It's an unfortunate casualty of the pandemic. Translation: the pillowcase is manufactured on a highly specialized piece of equipment, and the owner of one of only 2 machines in the country went out of business. But, my vendor has not given up the possibility of it coming back this year if they can ensure the same amazing product.
  • I will no longer be carrying Coola sunscreen. Unfortunately, like a number of vendors, they have stopped supporting small businesses like my own by increasing minimums to unreasonable levels. The good news is there are a couple of new formulas from other companies I'm looking at that I'm really excited about! I got a sneak peek at a really cool new physical screen at the show. It's still in stability testing so watch this space...

A Friendly Reminder...

To all my wonderful prebookers:
Please be sure to put your appointment with me on your calendar!
Lately, there has been an uptick in folks rescheduling right when the confirmation arrives. Since 90% of my clients re-book before they leave, that means that appointment was not available to anyone else for 4-8 weeks, only to become available a week (or less) before, when it's only getting rebooked about 20% of the time. I totally understand that things happen! But I appreciate your understanding of how hard it is to fill these. If your schedule is unpredictable, please don't book a future appointment that is tentative for you.
As a solo practitioner, my time is all I have!

If It Looks Too Good To Be True...

I know you are all inundated with info and images from advertisers and influencers on Social Media. I often get messages from clients wanting to know if this product or that is the real deal. There are a zillion skincare lines out there - some good, some bad. There are reasons I offer what I do. I have vetted all the products I carry for quality and efficacy. You'll never see a photoshopped image in my before and afters. Just real results. The shot below is so disappointing. At first glance, you might be like - Wow! 2 weeks? Looks lifted and smooth. Look closer. In the "after" shot the model suddenly has no moles! A spot of pigmentation (or possibly a birthmark, too hard to tell online) has completely disappeared! Not possible. Even if this involved a trip to the dermatologist the skin would still be healing. Selling a product with a photoshopped image is a deal-breaker for me, and they're everywhere, and not always easy to spot. Be careful out there! Get your skincare from a licensed pro who is actually working to improve your skin over time, not just make a quick buck duping folks online. (Salty rant over.) :)