Thursday, July 4, 2024

New Biome Balancing Serum! Pre-Order Now!

 If you've been in for a treatment or reading my newsletters, you know I've been going a little bananas for the microbiome and the impact it has not only on our skin but on total body wellness. I was recently introduced to a new product, and I think it will be a game-changer for your skin! It should be in stock by mid-July, but pre-order is available now! As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. All the details are below.

With affection & sunscreen,

Introducing SIV Biome Balancing Serum!
The first bioactivated skincare serum proven to solve issues by balancing your unique skin biome to ensure homeostasis. This revolutionary, truly personal approach to skincare harnesses your biology to foundationally change your skin’s ecosystem. The first spore-based topical formula that adapts to your unique skin microbiome to establish a healthy skin foundation. All skin types & skin conditions can utilize the Spore-Based Biome Balancing Serum because it adapts to your specific skin microbiome to help build resilience with a healthy skin foundation. Restore balance, become resilient, and feel confident in healthier skin.

  • Who's It For?
    • Literally, all skin types can benefit!
    • Rebalancing the biome will be especially beneficial for acne, inflamed and sensitive, reactive, rosacea-prone, allergy-related dermatitis and eczema. 
  • How Do You Use It?
    • Use once per day.
    • Vigorously shake up the emulsion and gently dispense 4-5 drops into your palm. Dot around desired areas, and gently blend and pat in.
  • Where Does It Fit Into My Routine?
    • This will depend on your skin type and condition, as well as the rest of your daily routine. I will send along my usage recommendations with your purchase. But rest assured, you can use this serum with ANY other brand and/or protocol. These spores play nice with everyone!
  • Pre-Order Now!

Get some microbes in your life! :)

Friday, May 31, 2024

May News!

Sneaking this one in before the end of May! I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend (with safe sun and no sunburns)! I returned from Part II of the UCLA skincare ingredients course a few weeks ago and I'm still processing!! So much valuable information, including cutting-edge theories on aging and the microbiome that are mind-blowing. Here's a quote from a description of an upcoming lecture my instructor Rebecca Gadberry will be giving on this same topic at the SCC (Society of Cosmetic Chemists) next month:

"...aging is viewed not simply as the result of random wear and tear, but rather a regulated and interconnected group of events driven by key biological mechanisms. This change in perspective has resulted in a paradigm shift that allows researchers and product developers to move beyond viewing aging as an inevitable consequence of the passage of time and instead recognize it as a complex and modifiable biological phenomenon."

New interesting ingredients should start making their way into products over the next year (I cannot wait and am in full geek-out mode!). Read on for all the news that's fit to print below!

With affection & sunscreen,

SWiCH or Microcurrent Series?
I've had several clients asking questions about these series lately, so I wanted to break down the similarities and differences between the two to help you decide on the best option!

  • SWiCH Series
    A six-month series of treatments (one visit a month, with the option for 2) designed to increase cellular turnover and cellular energy for a full 30 days. Repairs skin without first inflicting the damage we see with traditional chemical peels.

    Best choice for sun damage/premature aging, dull or lifeless skin. Very minimal downtime, special instructions for the day of the treatment, with specific home care during the series. If you start now, your skin will be in amazing shape by NYE!
  • Microcurrent Series
    A series of 10 treatments done over 5 weeks (with or without LED light therapy) that noticeably firms the contours of the face, increasing circulation and cellular energy.

    Best choice for skin lacking firmness, assisting in "muscle re-education" for both areas that are showing laxity (think jawline), and areas that are over contracted (think brow furrowing). No downtime, no special home care. Requires monthly maintenance after the series.
  • How do you choose?
    First and foremost will be your availability. For some, it's a lot easier to commit to once a month while others find a 5-week window when they know they'll be in town and available and get it done. The maintenance for the microcurrent series is essential to keeping things lifted and in place, so it wouldn't be my recommendation for someone who has trouble keeping regular appts. Both treatments are fantastic, and yes, you can do both! More info and pricing are available on my website, and some great before/afters. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Cancer Survivor Beauty & Support Day
I've been working with CSBSD since 2016 and am delighted to be participating again on June 4th. The day always fills very quickly, but reach out if you know anyone who could use some TLC. As of this typing, there is only one spot left!

Skin Cancer Awareness/Acne Awareness
Be sure to head to Instagram and follow me if you haven't already! All through May I've been posting about skin cancer and sun protection for skin cancer awareness month. I'll be moving on to acne tips and info for acne awareness in June!

In case you missed it on Instagram, follow the 2-finger rule to ensure you're getting the listed coverage from your sunscreen! :)

Monday, April 22, 2024

April News!

I hope everyone is well! It's been beautiful this week in the city. Despite the never-ending Union Square "doom loop", dare I say it's been bustling out there? It's really nice to see. All the updates below including my book launch, a podcast, and more UCLA education! (Phew!) As of this writing, there are only a handful of appts. left in May, so grab a spot if you've been putting it off.

With affection & sunscreen,

UCLA Out-Of-Office Dates

  • I'll be down in LA for part 2 of the phenomenal Skin Care Ingredients course with Rebecca Gadbury from Friday 4/26 until 5/1.
  • Be sure to place any product orders by noon PST on Wednesday 4/24 to ensure they ship before I leave. Orders placed in my absence will be fulfilled on May 1.

Thinking about a Membership?
A membership is a great way to keep yourself consistent with your skin care treatments and save a little money! There are currently only 4 more memberships slots available. Why? I want to ensure that appointments are available for members on peak days and timesSo if you've been mulling it over, now's the time to sign up! Read all the details here. 

Book Launch and the iwish Podcast!
Just a reminder, both the book and podcast are industry-facing for licensed estheticians, but I know some of you have expressed interest so I've included the links below. Thank you so much for all the kind words in support of this project, it means the world to me!!

Skinthesis: The Esthetician's Guide to Mastering Client Experience and Management is out now!
You'll find the link at, or on Amazon.

Hear me on the iwish Podcast on April 26th!
I'm thrilled to share I was invited to join David Valenzuela, host, and WISH Skin Health founder, for an hour-long discussion. The iwish podcast is dedicated to fostering esthetic confidence and showcasing success within the esthetic industry. This platform peels back the layers of the esthetic world, offering exclusive interviews with industry leaders and delivering the latest news. During the interview, we'll dive into my background in esthetics and introduce Skinthesis. The episode will be available on April 26th on your favorite podcast platform.

Tizo Closeout - Only A Few Bottles Left!
Grab one of the remaining Tizo sunscreens at a great price before they're gone!

The last layout review before finalizing Skinthesis!

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

March News!

 I feel like I blinked and February was over! I hope everyone has recovered from losing that hour of sleep and is enjoying a wee bit more daylight in the evening. I had an amazing time taxing my brain down at UCLA last month, and I'll be returning for Part II at the end of April. Besides the honor of learning from industry-legend Rebecca Gadberry, I had the opportunity to meet some great people and like-minded, education-focused estheticians. Very motivating! Updates below and the announcement I was teasing in the last newsletter!

With affection & sunscreen,

Skinthesis: The Esthetician's Guide to Mastering Client Experience and Management
I wrote a book! An industry-facing read for licensed estheticians, it's all my tips, tricks, and systems for both a better client experience and preserving the sanity of the practitioner. For the last year, I've been writing mornings, nights, and weekends and running my business Tuesday through Saturday. Honestly? I think it's the hardest thing I've ever done. The book is currently in my editor's capable hands, and we're looking at a late-April launch date. After the release, I'll be doing classes and consulting to support the material so things will get a little crazy (er?) in the coming months. While it's a book for pros in the skincare space, and not aimed at consumers, I am really proud of it and had to share the news with you!

Client Profile Refreshes
In the coming months (if it's been a while), you may get an email from me with a link to a quick consultation form. It's simply to ensure I have all the most up-to-date information so we can tailor your treatments and home care for the best results. It's not spam, lol, so please fill it out if one arrives in your inbox.

New Product Highlights
I have sold out of these additions twice since the launch in January! As promised, I've listed some ingredient highlights for these new products.

Lip Renewing Hydrator - a natural solution that firms, plumps, and hydrates lips.
  • MAXI-LIP SEDERMA- A natural peptide that moisturizes, firms, smoothes, and defines lips.
  • HYALURONIC FILLING SPHERES -These small spheres, made from a hygroscopic material, plump up lips when applied by absorbing moisture from within. Their moisture-retaining capacity increases their volume, giving lips a fuller appearance.
  • SEPILIFT DPHP - A powerful anti-aging ingredient derived from the Aminovector™ tree. It contains hydroxyproline, a key component of collagen, and is known for its ability to address wrinkles on the lips. 
  • CRANBERRY SEED OIL- Cranberry seed oil offers numerous benefits for the lips, including antioxidant protection, deep hydration, nourishment, softening, smoothing, soothing, and enhancing the lips' natural shine and color.

Circa-Shield Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 - your go-to solution for digital pollution and UV defense. It looks and feels amazing on the skin.
  • LUE OLÉOACTIF® -Effectively protects cells from urban pollution and blue light and boosts their defense system.
  • MICAH® - Blocks the formation of light-induced oxidative stress. Proactive, not reactive, Micah prevents visible signs of aging. (Not to be confused w/Mica!)
  • ZANO® 20 PLUS- UVA/UVB Protection, Zinc Oxide that provides the highest levels of transparency.

Tizo Closeout!
I know change is hard. But the Circa-Shield will be replacing Tizo as my mineral brand. There's not a thing wrong with Tizo mind you, but I'm always focusing on the most current ingredient technology. If you want to get your hands on some Tizo, there's a great sale right now in my shop!

Cover mock-up! :)

Friday, January 19, 2024

Hi, Jill,

I can’t believe it!
25 years in the treatment room.
On January 19th, 1999, I passed my state boards in California. (Thank you to my friend and colleague Lisa @oilandwaterskincare for not only sitting next to me during said board exam but actually remembering the date.) I am so honored to have had such a long and wonderful career in an industry where the average career lifespan is 3 years. (And I only blew out one shoulder!!)

I have worked in just about every sector of our industry: a corporate-run spa, an independent salon & spa, a renter in a skin care clinic, a collective of independent wellness practitioners (which I also ran for 4 years), and finally on to my private practice in an office I adore in Union Square. There have been SO many changes, and so many advances in our industry during this time and so many more to come. If you know me, you know I thrive on education and staying on top of all things skin. I'm heading back to UCLA for more cosmetic chemistry with industry legend Rebecca Gadberry in a few weeks, and I cannot wait to share and apply what I learn.

This year promises to be a wild one, full of more education, new treatments, new products, and the completion of a project I have been working on for the last year. (More on that next month.) For now, I am simply full of gratitude for all of you who have trusted me for advice and with the care of your beautiful faces for all these years. You are my inspiration. Onward!! 

With affection & sunscreen,

New Additions!
2 brand new products to start 2024! I'll be highlighting ingredients on social media and in the next newsletter, but they're available now! Try them out at your next treatment.

Lip Renewing Hydrator - a natural solution that firms, plumps, and hydrates lips. With collagen-boosting peptides and plumping Hyaluronic Filling Spheres, it enhances lip fullness and elasticity. Enriched with antioxidant-rich Cranberry Seed Oil and nourishing extracts, it provides optimal care, leaving lips looking and feeling their best. Available in Vanilla Mint, Watermelon, and Naked (unscented).

Circa-Shield Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 - powered by cutting-edge advanced ingredient technology, Circa-Shield takes a proactive stance against light-induced oxidative stress, preventing the formation of free radicals. But that’s not all—it’s your go-to solution for digital pollution defense, providing a barrier against the stressors of the modern world. I've never experienced a mineral formulation that feels this good on the skin!

Product Substitutions
There have been a lot of product changes in the last few months, so I'm highlighting some recommended substitutions. If you don't see something in the shop or need a little help deciding, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Emerge Biome Repair - replaces Pure & Simple Cleansing Lotion and Botanical Cleansing Oil (new oil-based cleanser in stock next month)
Confidently Clean - replaces Pore Clearing Cleanser for acne-prone skin
Citrus Herbal Cleanser - replaces Pore Clearing Cleanser for combination/"normal" skin
Mandelica 5% - replaces Alphaplex
MicroMoisture+ - replaces Hydrafluide
Conditioning Hydra-Mist - replaces Pollution Solution
Pore ReBalancing Toner - replaces Exfolitone

Cancelation/Late Arrival Policy Reminder
really do dislike charging fees for services you didn't receive! If you're not feeling well a few days before your treatment, please go ahead and reschedule. I'll do my very best to fit you in once you're well!
Cancelation policy: A 48-hour cancellation notice is required to avoid the cancellation fee (75% of services booked).
Late Arrivals: Late arrivals will change the starting time of your treatment, but not the ending time, to respect the next scheduled client. If a late arrival does not allow enough time for some or all of your booked services, you will still be charged the cancellation fee for any services we don't have time for.

A quarter century of skin care (and sunscreen and big glasses)!!