Friday, May 31, 2024

May News!

Sneaking this one in before the end of May! I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend (with safe sun and no sunburns)! I returned from Part II of the UCLA skincare ingredients course a few weeks ago and I'm still processing!! So much valuable information, including cutting-edge theories on aging and the microbiome that are mind-blowing. Here's a quote from a description of an upcoming lecture my instructor Rebecca Gadberry will be giving on this same topic at the SCC (Society of Cosmetic Chemists) next month:

"...aging is viewed not simply as the result of random wear and tear, but rather a regulated and interconnected group of events driven by key biological mechanisms. This change in perspective has resulted in a paradigm shift that allows researchers and product developers to move beyond viewing aging as an inevitable consequence of the passage of time and instead recognize it as a complex and modifiable biological phenomenon."

New interesting ingredients should start making their way into products over the next year (I cannot wait and am in full geek-out mode!). Read on for all the news that's fit to print below!

With affection & sunscreen,

SWiCH or Microcurrent Series?
I've had several clients asking questions about these series lately, so I wanted to break down the similarities and differences between the two to help you decide on the best option!

  • SWiCH Series
    A six-month series of treatments (one visit a month, with the option for 2) designed to increase cellular turnover and cellular energy for a full 30 days. Repairs skin without first inflicting the damage we see with traditional chemical peels.

    Best choice for sun damage/premature aging, dull or lifeless skin. Very minimal downtime, special instructions for the day of the treatment, with specific home care during the series. If you start now, your skin will be in amazing shape by NYE!
  • Microcurrent Series
    A series of 10 treatments done over 5 weeks (with or without LED light therapy) that noticeably firms the contours of the face, increasing circulation and cellular energy.

    Best choice for skin lacking firmness, assisting in "muscle re-education" for both areas that are showing laxity (think jawline), and areas that are over contracted (think brow furrowing). No downtime, no special home care. Requires monthly maintenance after the series.
  • How do you choose?
    First and foremost will be your availability. For some, it's a lot easier to commit to once a month while others find a 5-week window when they know they'll be in town and available and get it done. The maintenance for the microcurrent series is essential to keeping things lifted and in place, so it wouldn't be my recommendation for someone who has trouble keeping regular appts. Both treatments are fantastic, and yes, you can do both! More info and pricing are available on my website, and some great before/afters. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Cancer Survivor Beauty & Support Day
I've been working with CSBSD since 2016 and am delighted to be participating again on June 4th. The day always fills very quickly, but reach out if you know anyone who could use some TLC. As of this typing, there is only one spot left!

Skin Cancer Awareness/Acne Awareness
Be sure to head to Instagram and follow me if you haven't already! All through May I've been posting about skin cancer and sun protection for skin cancer awareness month. I'll be moving on to acne tips and info for acne awareness in June!

In case you missed it on Instagram, follow the 2-finger rule to ensure you're getting the listed coverage from your sunscreen! :)