Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Quick February Update!

 Just a few quick, but important updates this month! 

All the details are below.

With affection & sunscreen,

Starting today, the city of San Francisco has lifted the indoor mask mandate, and I wanted to clarify my policies going forward. Thanks for your understanding - these precautions have kept me COVID-free and allow me to avoid closure due to exposure.

  • I require proof of vaccination (& booster) for all services
  • I will continue to be masked for the duration of all services.
  • My medical-grade air purifiers continue to hum 24-7.
  • Please reschedule if you have ANY symptoms of illness, or have been exposed.

Front Door Access

  • As some of you know - the front door access panel has not been functioning at 100%
  • You can still dial *83, but Tuesday through Friday, when the security guard is at the desk you can also dial #67 and he will buzz you in from the desk.
  • Of course, you can always text me and I'll pop down to get you! Hopefully, the whole system will be replaced soon. Thanks for your patience with this!

Retail Price Increase 2/18
Due to increased costs from suppliers and vendors, there will be a modest price increase for some retail products. This goes into effect on Friday, so head over to to stock up before then!

Please get your skincare advice from a licensed pro, not an "influencer" LOL!