Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Go Ahead! Wash Up Early.

We have all been there. Late day. Long day. Maybe you even fell asleep on the sofa. When it's time for bed, that nighttime routine just seems like too much to handle. So you crash out, dirty face and all.

Leaving the dirt, pollution, sunscreen, and makeup on your face to brew overnight as well as depriving your skin of some quality reparative and regenerative ingredients are just two of the reasons this is terrible for your skin. (It also makes you feel bad in the morning.)

If you've been in to see me for a treatment and expressed this, you've already heard my advice.

Do it early. Six, seven, eight - whatever! 

After a particularly long day, I will often wash my face and apply all my potions RIGHT WHEN I GET HOME even though it's only 7:45.  While I am a firm believer in our circadian rhythms and the cycle of repair that happens at night, early is better than not at all.

Once more for those in the back. There is no rule that says your evening skincare routine has to occur moments before slipping into bed.

Early is better than not at all. Go wash your face.