Friday, September 2, 2022

September News!

 It's shaping up to be a busy fall with a lot of exciting news! I've been involved in a slew of training following my conference at the end of June with more to come in September and October. While I'm really excited to be launching some new modalities and products this Fall, I'll be out of the office for training, a business summit, and some family-related travel. Please be sure you have your appointments booked (and on your calendar) and be sure to get your product orders in. Dates, new features, and teasers on the upcoming additions are below. 

Don't forget, NOW is the time to schedule your Microcurrent, SWiCH, or peel series before the holidays. Get on track for your best skin before 2023!
With affection & sunscreen,

Upcoming Out-Of-Office dates

  • September 12th through the 16th (Place product orders by noon PST on 9/10!)
  • Mid-day October 1st through the 5th (Place product orders by noon PST on 10/1!)
  • There are a number of other upcoming days out that will impact appointment availability, but should have minimal impact on product orders.

The Waitlist & Last-Minuting!
I've just launched a waitlist. If the day/time you want is not available, just fill out the form and I'll reach out if there is a cancellation or reschedule. You can find it on my "Schedule an Appointment Page", my online booking page, or simply go to My online system has its limitations, you can't book last minute, and there are often spots I can make work that won't appear available online. So get on the list!

I am also starting a feature I'm calling "last-minuting" through stories on Instagram. I will post any last-minute availability (when I have it), early in the week, and you just text, email or DM me to grab it. It won't be available online. So if you're one of those people who tends to leave things for the last minute - this will be for you. If you don't already, you can follow me on Instagram here.

New Modalities & Services Coming Soon...
A form of deep physical exfoliation that removes dead cell buildup as well as vellus hair (AKA "peach fuzz") for smooth, even skin. Look for this new addition in early November after I complete my certification!

Gua Sha
Not a new technique by any stretch, but new to my practice! For those of you who have experienced my Kansa wand massage - the benefits are similar in reducing the appearance of puffiness and increasing the look of firm skin. Look for this to be added into treatments at the end of September - early October.