Friday, September 4, 2020

August News - FREE Ways To Support Small Businesses!

Wow, day 159 out of work for me as I type this. How are you holding up? I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I'm thinking of everyone affected & evacuated due to the fires, and of all the brave people fighting them in the midst of this pandemic. I'm feeling thankful that we're only dealing with the smoke here in SF.

Some of you have reached out about pre-paying for more future services (thank you!) but I have stopped accepting any more pre-payments. That may sound a little nuts, but let me explain. The outpouring of support I received in the form of pre-payments was humbling & heart-warming. I know I've said it already but it really was touching and meant a lot to me. When I am finally allowed to return to work, I will need cash flow to be able to remain open. When I was looking at the numbers, I realized I could be in a situation where due to pre-payments I will have next to nothing coming in, while my expenses remain the same (kinda like right now!).

Keeping consistent with your homecare & purchasing it from my online shop is really the best way to support my business right now. I am always available for consults via video, phone, or email if you need help choosing the right products, or solving a new skin challenge (maskne anyone?). I understand that a lot of folks are strapped right now, so I thought it would be a good time to list FREE ways to support small businesses right now (see below). These suggestions are great things to do for all the small businesses impacted by the current crisis. They are little things, but they mean a lot.

I miss your faces terribly and cannot wait to see you again.
Stay safe & healthy,
(virtual) xo,

FREE Ways To Support Small Businesses

  • Follow on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter
  • Like, love, comment on, and share posts.
    No matter what algorithm they're using, your engagement makes small businesses more visible, it's like free press!
  • Write a review! 
    I personally recommend doing this on Google, Yelp's business practices hurt small businesses so I don't use or support their platform (If you haven't seen it, check out Billion Dollar Bully).
  • Refer a friend or colleague when the madness ends!