Tuesday, March 3, 2020

3 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Skin Care Results

With the new year & new decade, it feels like a much-needed time for renewal. I'll be focusing on home care this month!

Your Home Care Is Responsible For 70-80% Of Your Skin Care Results
Yep, you read that right. My favorite analogy is this: If you get your teeth cleaned regularly, but never floss or brush in between, what's going to happen to your teeth? (Nothing good.)

What you do on a daily basis is going to have the most substantial impact on the health of your skin, even if you're getting regular facials or skin care treatments.
The 3 Things Sabotaging Your Results
  • Using too much, or too little
    Use too much of a product, and you may cause irritation or simply be wasting money. Use too little, and you just won't see the results (another waste of money). Your Skin Therapist can tell you how & when to use your products to get the best result.
  • Inconsistent Use
    Consistency is the key to real change. A product prescribed for nightly use will not change your skin when using it twice a week. Period.
  • Product Hopping
    I see this a lot. Using one thing for a week or two, then switching to that thing your friend used, or social media said was the hot new ingredient. Not only is this a recipe for potential irritation/inflammation, but for many products to truly effect change, they need to be used consistently, sometimes for 2-3 months. Patience pays off.

What Next?
  • Feeling lost? No idea what to use, or if what you're using is best? Book a consultation with me! Available in person, by phone, or video chat, we'll go over what you're currently using, and how we can improve or supplement that based on your goals. A small fee is applicable to any product purchased or service booked.
  • My online shop is open 24/7 for when you run out of that magical serum, but don't feel like braving Union Square! Orders go out within 24-hours when I am in the office Tuesday- Saturday, and shipping is always free for orders over $50.

So it's time to open the bathroom cabinet, peruse what's on the counter and in the drawers. I'm here to help you up your game in 2020!