Thursday, October 5, 2023

Need Anything? I'm Heading to Mexico!

 I hope everyone is staying cool in the Bay Area! It's going to be 90 degrees here today as I write this, I think the universe is trying to ease me into vacation mode! (Or melt me, take your pick.) 

Out-Of-Office Dates

  • I'll be on vacation starting Thursday 10/12, returning to the office on 10/24.
  • Be sure to get your orders in by 5 PM PST on October 10th, to ensure they ship before I leave!
  • It's my annual digital detox, so all texts, emails, and calls will be returned on the 24th.
  • Be sure to utilize my waitlist when booking online if you can't find the time you want.

With affection & a ton of sunscreen (I will be reapplying every 2 hours),

An actual shot of me on the beach in Mexico: