Wednesday, March 13, 2024

March News!

 I feel like I blinked and February was over! I hope everyone has recovered from losing that hour of sleep and is enjoying a wee bit more daylight in the evening. I had an amazing time taxing my brain down at UCLA last month, and I'll be returning for Part II at the end of April. Besides the honor of learning from industry-legend Rebecca Gadberry, I had the opportunity to meet some great people and like-minded, education-focused estheticians. Very motivating! Updates below and the announcement I was teasing in the last newsletter!

With affection & sunscreen,

Skinthesis: The Esthetician's Guide to Mastering Client Experience and Management
I wrote a book! An industry-facing read for licensed estheticians, it's all my tips, tricks, and systems for both a better client experience and preserving the sanity of the practitioner. For the last year, I've been writing mornings, nights, and weekends and running my business Tuesday through Saturday. Honestly? I think it's the hardest thing I've ever done. The book is currently in my editor's capable hands, and we're looking at a late-April launch date. After the release, I'll be doing classes and consulting to support the material so things will get a little crazy (er?) in the coming months. While it's a book for pros in the skincare space, and not aimed at consumers, I am really proud of it and had to share the news with you!

Client Profile Refreshes
In the coming months (if it's been a while), you may get an email from me with a link to a quick consultation form. It's simply to ensure I have all the most up-to-date information so we can tailor your treatments and home care for the best results. It's not spam, lol, so please fill it out if one arrives in your inbox.

New Product Highlights
I have sold out of these additions twice since the launch in January! As promised, I've listed some ingredient highlights for these new products.

Lip Renewing Hydrator - a natural solution that firms, plumps, and hydrates lips.
  • MAXI-LIP SEDERMA- A natural peptide that moisturizes, firms, smoothes, and defines lips.
  • HYALURONIC FILLING SPHERES -These small spheres, made from a hygroscopic material, plump up lips when applied by absorbing moisture from within. Their moisture-retaining capacity increases their volume, giving lips a fuller appearance.
  • SEPILIFT DPHP - A powerful anti-aging ingredient derived from the Aminovector™ tree. It contains hydroxyproline, a key component of collagen, and is known for its ability to address wrinkles on the lips. 
  • CRANBERRY SEED OIL- Cranberry seed oil offers numerous benefits for the lips, including antioxidant protection, deep hydration, nourishment, softening, smoothing, soothing, and enhancing the lips' natural shine and color.

Circa-Shield Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 - your go-to solution for digital pollution and UV defense. It looks and feels amazing on the skin.
  • LUE OLÉOACTIF® -Effectively protects cells from urban pollution and blue light and boosts their defense system.
  • MICAH® - Blocks the formation of light-induced oxidative stress. Proactive, not reactive, Micah prevents visible signs of aging. (Not to be confused w/Mica!)
  • ZANO® 20 PLUS- UVA/UVB Protection, Zinc Oxide that provides the highest levels of transparency.

Tizo Closeout!
I know change is hard. But the Circa-Shield will be replacing Tizo as my mineral brand. There's not a thing wrong with Tizo mind you, but I'm always focusing on the most current ingredient technology. If you want to get your hands on some Tizo, there's a great sale right now in my shop!

Cover mock-up! :)