Sunday, October 26, 2014

Who Knew? You've Been Applying Your Hand Cream All Wrong.

I thought I’d have some fun with the first “content” post for The Dermis and made this short video with the new Adobe Voice app. So click below and learn the best way to put on your hand cream. Hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Let Me Introduce Myself.....

Hello to all and thanks for clicking on the inaugural post for The Dermis!

A lot of you already know me and see me for skin care services, but I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those of you who may not. I also wanted to introduce the blog, and the format I’ll be using going forward. If you’re new to me and my practice, you can read my bio, and relevant education info here. My philosophy will have a big impact on the direction and information shared in this blog. I believe that nature, science and touch combined can lead to quite significant results on the skin. I do not believe these three branches have to live in separate worlds as is often pushed by various outlets today (which will be addressed in future posts). I like science. I also believe in the power of naturally sourced ingredients. We shouldn’t be afraid of either, but embrace and respect what both canand cannotdo. Not everything found in nature or made in a laboratory is “good” nor is it “bad”. Knowledge is power.
There are many different approaches to skin care, and while I try my best not to say “right” and “wrong”, I definitely have a strong point of view. So, my views when I’m speaking editorially will come from this place (and let’s face it, not everyone is for everybody, and that’s okay).

Why am I writing this blog?
In this digital age everyone seems to have a blog, so why one more?
Three reasons:
  1. The world of skin care, treatments and ingredients is a multi billion dollar industrywith so much to choose from (and SO much marketing) things have gotten very, very confusing. I get really great questions from my clients every day, and this is the perfect forum to share the answers with my community. If one person asks, you can figure at least three more have had the same thought.
  2. All the noise. Facebook/Twitter/articles/podcasts/blogs about skin are everywhere, but I see so much misinformation that is not based on any science, research or fact. False claims, greenwashing, scare-tactics, irresponsible labeling, cherry-picking study results to support false claimsthe list goes on and on. While consistently cringe-worthy for me, I figured it was finally time to speak to some of these and offer my take on it.
  3. It will keep me sharp. Yep, that’s right. While I love to geek out on skin care, physiology, and product formulation, this is an organized way to delve deeper into topics I have only scratched the surface of, or maybe never considered. When I’m learning, I’m inspired. When I’m inspired, it bleeds into all areas of my life, including my treatment room. Translation? It will make me better at my job, and a better resource and skin therapist for you.

Why The Dermis for a title?
Officially from
Dermis [dur-mis]
Anatomy, Zoology. the dense inner layer of skin beneath the epidermis,composed of connective tissue, blood and lymph vessels, sweat glands, hair follicles, and an elaborate sensory nerve network.
It’s the deeper layer, the meaty part. So much action is happening at this level, and a lot of communication is taking place. It’s what I want this blog to be. Peeling back the layers and finding out what’s really going on.
What’s it going to be like?
For the most part, I want the content to be driven by your questions. I will on occasion, choose a topic myself that I feel is important (I will have some soap-box moments). So I might refute something I find misleading, or talk about an article or study that’s in heavy rotation on social media. I’ll be steering clear of promoting specific productsbut instead talk about ingredients and technology in general (I am always more than happy to suggest a custom routine for you personally- just email, call or message me on FB). My plan is to post 2-4 times a month, just depending on how deep into a topic I go. Some posts will be quick and to the point, some in more detail when it’s warranted.
I’m really excited!

Let’s get started……….