Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Introducing WISH Skincare!

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

I am SO excited to officially announce the launch of WISH skincare in my practice this week! As many of you know, I've been testing out a whole slew of products since IECSC in June. WISH - Wisdom Inspired Skin Health checked all the boxes for me (and you know I'm fussy, lol, so that is not easy to do)! I completed their advanced acne practitioner certification in early August and was thrilled to not only have a great review but also learn about some innovations surrounding the treatment, products, and ingredients for acne. While WISH is a line that focuses on acne-prone and congested skin, don't sleep on their formulations for cleansers, moisturizers, and a hydrating mist for a host of different skin types. I'm already getting rave reviews.

There are a lot of new products, so I'll highlight the new additions in the coming months in my newsletter and on socials. If you don't already, follow me here.

Here's what's new:
3 Cleansers - Confidently CleanCalming Cleansing GelEmerge Biome Repair
2 Toners - Conditioning Hydra-MistPore ReBalancing Toner
2 Moisturizers - MicroMoisture+MacroMoisture+
1 AHA serum (3 variants) - Mandelica 5%
1 BPO serum (3 variants) - Clarify 3%
1 Mask - Ultimate Detox Clay Mask
Lip Balm! - LipMate

Whew! You can find all the new offerings in my shop. As I transition away from some other products, please don't hesitate to reach out and we'll find your new best match. Read on for more on why I chose to add the line, a model call, and a final call on some products!

With affection & sunscreen,

A few of you have asked me what determines what I do (and don't) bring into my treatment room offer for retail. It's a great question! There are three main components I look for that I've outlined below, with a bonus at the end. Finding all three is a lot more challenging than you might think (and four is the golden ticket).

  • Formulation: First and foremost, what's in the product, how much and why. I want to see multi-functional products with quality ingredients at levels that are efficacious. I love WISH's focus on the microbiome and barrier support, while still clearing the acne, as opposed to creating other issues we just put off to deal with down the line.
  • Education & Support: If you know me, you know how important this is to me. A brand has to have solid education for myself as the practitioner and be able to answer all of my questions. Feeling taken care of and supported is critical to me. The customer service is great, the training platform and materials at WISH are exceptional, and they've patiently answered all of my questions on multiple occasions. (Sorry David, I'm sure I'll have more!!) :)
  • Design & Packaging: Not necessarily a deal-breaker, but seriously, even the best formula on the planet is going to be hard to sell in a crappy package. The image does matter, and I love how they look. I am impressed by their commitment to carbon-neutral shipping, eliminating excessive packaging, while preserving product integrity with airless pumps.
  • Unexpected Bonus: The founder and his business partner are lovely humans! I was fortunate to meet David and Stephen at the Beauty Business Summit in March, and then reconnect again in June at the IECSC. I know WISH is going to be huge, and it couldn't happen to nicer people.

Clients needed for case studies!
I am looking for just 2 more people with acne/congested skin for case studies. Clients will need to be available for a complimentary in-person consultation, sign a photo release, and come in for photos every 4 weeks for 3 months. I'll prescribe a homecare routine, which we can tweak if necessary at the monthly visits when you come in for photos. As a thank you for the pictures and diligence with the homecare routine, you'll receive 20% off your prescribed homecare during the case study. The price points on these products are already great, so it's a fantastic deal! If you or someone you know sounds like a good candidate - reach out and we can do a quick screening to see if it's a good match!

Final Call/Kits

  • There are still a handful of products left that I will no longer be carrying. Be sure to take a peek in my shop and snap them up before they're gone for good. I'm always here to make recommendations for what your best new options are.
  • If you have purchased my acne or clogged/dehydrated kits in the past, you'll notice they're no longer available! New products and a new system allow for much more customization, so they'll be on pause for the time being. Watch the kits page for a reinvention soon.

Welcoming WISH to the product family!! (My apologies to the Calming Cleansing Gel, a lovely product that didn't make the shot due to staging. I blame Joel, lol.)