Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Skin Care Hack: Tinted Sunscreen

Happy New Year to all!! I hope 2015 is treating you well. This one's a quicky! 

I have been looking into some new suncare products to bring into my practice and found myself still frustrated by the options for "tinted sunscreen". This is a product with enough coverage to even out the skin a bit – but not as heavy as makeup – and your sun protection is included. In theory, what a great idea right? Unfortunately, I've found there are 2 problems:
  • Clients actually use the product like a foundation or concealer and "dab" as opposed to applying an amount significant enough to ensure the listed spf.
  • The bigger problem – the tints available seem to exclude a huge range of skin tones! It's hard to justify bringing a product on board that will only be an option to some of the many, many skin tones I treat.

So here's the easy fix. I have been doing this myself for years! Simply add a very small amount of your favorite concealer/liquid foundation into your daily portion of sunscreen and blend in the palm of your hand. I'm talking about a dab here, so not enough to change the spf coverage when applied. This works best when blended into a sunscreen specially formulated for your face. (Wondering if you need a special sunscreen for your face? Click here.) In about 2 seconds, you've got a custom blended tinted sunscreen. Works like a charm.