Friday, July 28, 2017

Technology Spotlight: Ultrasonic Technology

Photo Credit: Bio-Therapeutic

Over the last 2-3 years, ultrasonic technology has exploded both in the professional and home skin care markets. I'll be discussing how the technology is used in the skin therapist's office and at home.

Let's break down what it does:

Ultrasonic Technology

Technically speaking: Ultrasonic technology utilizes sound waves with a frequency above 20,000Hz, or above the range detectable by the human ear. These waves are created by a conversion of energy called the piezoelectric effect and travel through the end of the device to the skin. The frequencies used are in a therapeutic range, and not to be confused with diagnostic ultrasound waves that operate at a different frequency.

Translation: In home care cleansing tools, this vibration is passed into the skin, allowing for a deeper cleanse and mild exfoliation as well. Used in a professional setting, both cleansing and exfoliation techniques utilize this technology, which then allows for better penetration of the subsequent products.

Contraindications: Very limited and traditional in scope: pregnancy, professionally resurfaced or ablated skin, very sensitive skin

Bottom Line: If you've had a custom service with me any time recently, you know I love this technology. It's easy to incorporate into a treatment, can be used on almost anyone, and leaves the skin incredibly soft. I am currently taking pre-orders for a home care ultrasonic cleansing tool that I am absolutely in love with. You can read more about that here.  I'll be sure to use it on you during your next treatment!