Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happy Anniversary To The Dermis!

I can't believe it has been just over one year since I started The Dermis! This experience has been very rewarding, as well as challenging for me. Finding time to research and write posts while still working with clients and running my shop has been a test! But then I went back and read my introductory post about why I decided to start The Dermis, all of it still rings true.

One small change I'll be making in the coming year is linking to some of my recommendations when applicable. While I've really tried to deliver non-brand specific information, the feedback I've received from clients has been to include more info on what I personally like and carry when appropriate.  I'll be doing this in the least disruptive way possible, discreet links for those of you who want to be taken to my shop, or to a specific product description. I've also looked at which types of posts seem to resonate the most with you, and will gear upcoming content in that direction.

Finally, thanks to everyone who asked questions, gave feedback, and yes, found my typos. (I have no doubt I will be generous with many more in the year to come.)  Onward!

Now here's the first goofy video I made about hand cream back in the Fall of 2014, it's one of my most popular posts! :)