Tuesday, May 17, 2022

May News!

 Hi, Jill,

Hoping this finds you and your family healthy and well! Things have been a little nuts out there with infection rates on the rise, but (as of this writing), I've retained my COVID-free unicorn status. Lots of news, and a friendly yet necessary reminder about rescheduling when sick are below.

Sending you all the healthy juju, & the moxie to get through these crazy times!

Body Product Pre-Orders Now Available!
My lab is mixing ingredients, filling bottles, and printing labels as I type! I am SO excited to be launching 4 new body products in the next few weeks. You can preorder now and they will ship on arrival. Currently, I expect to have them in hand by early June. You can take a peek at the descriptions in my shop. (No pictures yet, I have to get the images shot after they arrive!)

Not Feeling Great? Please Reschedule!
A reminder to not come in for any treatment if you're not feeling well, even with a negative COVID test. The latest variants have had people testing negative even when symptomatic for a number of days before getting a positive rapid test. And hey, if it's not COVID, that's great, but I still don't want to catch whatever it is! I don't have the luxury of working from home, and a COVID diagnosis could have me closed for up to 2 weeks. Please help me stay open and healthy!!

June 7th - Cancer Survivor Beauty & Support Day!
Excited to be taking part in this day of volunteering for my 6th year! If you have any questions or know someone who could use some TLC, please reach out to me, the slots will go fast! More info at cancersurvivorbeautyandsupportday.org

Upcoming Out-Of-Office Dates
In just over a month, my schedule is going to get a little hectic. I'll be attending the International Esthetics, Cosmetics, & Spa Conference in Las Vegas at the end of June, and I have jury duty the week of July 4th, so my availability will be limited. Please plan your appointments and product orders accordingly.

  • Out from June 25th through June 29th
  • Out for jury duty July 5th through July 8th
  • During jury duty, some evening appts will be available and of course, I will open my book if I get released. I'll be keeping a waiting list for anyone who wants to get in that week.