Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Accutane & Waxing

Bad news. 

You can't get waxed while on Accutane™. Not during your course of treatment, or for 6 months after. Not on your face, or on your body. It can (& will) cause skin lifting. Not a good look to replace those stray brow hairs with a wound that may scab. 👀  Far too often I have had clients who were not informed of this very real side effect of Accutane by their dermatologist. (Also, another reason to go to a reputable skin therapist that will check for contraindications before a waxing appointment.)

The good news? You can still tweeze or get threading done. So the full leg & bikini wax will have to wait, but you can have your skin therapist whip those brows into shape for you.