Tuesday, June 8, 2021

When To Schedule Your Facial After Cosmetic Procedures

Botox™, injectables, lasers, and ultrasonic technology are everywhere these days. Unfortunately, I've found that many doctors don't mention restrictions to their patients post-treatment, so this week's quick tip is in regards to when you can safely get a facial after these procedures.

2 things to keep in mind:

#1. General guidelines
I will always suggest that you defer to your doctor for this time frame. The guidance below is more of a general rule of thumb I've established from my own experience with clients. For most injectables, 2-3 weeks is the norm. For lasers and other (non-surgical) treatments, 3-4 weeks. 

#2. ASK.
If you regularly get facials and/or waxing, ask your doctor how soon is safe to resume your professional treatments. It's a good idea to also ask if changes to your homecare are necessary, and for how long.

First and foremost, it is not safe to work on injured skin. You can definitely do more harm than good. With injectables, you do not want a lot of facial manipulation right afterward, we don't want to be potentially moving these materials around your face.

So talk with your doctor, and be mindful of when your next facial treatment is scheduled. Your skin therapist will thank you for not having to reschedule it last minute!