Saturday, January 23, 2016

Why I Customize

Around 10-12 years into my private skin care practice, I made a big change. I was reviewing my menu and preparing for some updates. Wow, I had amassed a long list of services. I mean A LONG LIST of services. Short, long, indulgent, no frills, deep cleansing, sensitive, anti-aging, specialty, and on and on and on....... 

It suddenly became very clear just how confusing this must be for a client. How could a client figure out what they needed from a service menu? 

The answer was simple–they shouldn't have to. 

Someone coming in should get expert advice and a recommendation of what would be best for their skin, not randomly pick from a list. 

I changed my menu and made all of my treatments customized, personalized and ever-changing based on individual needs. With the exception of series-based protocols, I now only have 2 options when deciding on a facial. When new clients book, I can almost hear the sigh of relief when I tell them they don’t have to choose a service. Instead, we design something after a thorough written and verbal consult. 

What I've found since then is a lack of potential problems. For the client, no more stress trying to select what's best, or worrying about the treatment price. (I've heard many a story about experiences where the initial price sky-rocketed at checkout due to "add-ons" the client didn't feel comfortable saying no to.) For the skin therapist, it ends the problem of having to (gently) steer a client away from a treatment that is really not made for his/her skin. 

Most importantly, it makes the treatments more effective, and a lot more fun for both parties! For me, custom-blending and using various forms of technology keeps things interesting and keeps me in the moment, designing the best treatment for your skin, that day. This transfers over to your product selections for home as well. One protocol does not fit all! As always, use your skin therapist as a resource, discuss skin concerns (and budget!) to make the most of your treatment time and home care routine.